The great wall  the great explosions

The great wall the great explosions



At first glance (suggesting trailer or poster) "Great Wall" may seem pretentious another, using topoi film exaggerated white savior and interracial romance. Fortunately, there is an excellent example of the fact that appearances can be deceiving. This US-Chinese co-production promoted the world-famous name Matt Damon is in fact very much aware of what is and is not even trying to pretend to be anything else; rejects any false pretensions and ambitions for the main purpose of this type of cinema - pure entertainment.


 This objective is achieved very satisfactorily. The film is moving forward quickly, slows down only to catch his breath and dorysowywania details sketched characters, while constituting the main axis of the battle scenes are impressive and well hold the balance between chaos and liquidity.


The latter reminds us that the "Great Wall" is the work of an experienced director - Zhang Yimou is a specialist involved in the film industry for 30 years and an award-winning at the turn of the millennium. It should also draw attention to the relationship between the Europeans and the Chinese film. The former are in fact surprisingly negatively portrayed as the Hollywood production - as devoid of the principles of mercenaries primarily driven by the greed and violence. And as far as the main character, William (played by the aforementioned Damon), is able to obtain from the Chinese not only respect, but admiration, it is for this and other successes chance only when reject their old habits and begin to follow the trust for others, work in a group. Obviously this is not the original message, but at the same time it does not matter because this whole thread is not in the film exaggerated prominence - of course, has its clearly defined place in it, but dare not for a moment obscure the layers entertainment or slow down the pace, what comes out strongly on the whole good. Visual effects and computer animation are not in the "Great Wall" dazzling, but it definitely does not belong to the poor; They perform their role in building a solid frames impressive and spectacular fight scenes - they are able to keep up with the imagination of the authors, that puts the film to another more or less strange mechanisms for combat troops and the defenders of the wall to fight the monsters. All is accompanied aware sensitively dispensed (closer to him than kitsch epic) redraw. "Great Wall" is not ambitious film, and you should never expect from him, so that will be.


It is epic, dynamic, providing a colorful spectacle unpretentious, solid and entertainment in this category may be one of the best of this year's proposals.